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Prophetic Scroll #01

  * Highlights *

 * ATOMIC DESTRUCTION ? USA ? England ? Russia ? Kings of the East (China) 

* SCARLET BEAST ? Revelation Chapters 13 and 17 ? Europe and USA will clash with Russia in Atomic Warfare 

* NEXT INVENTIONS ? Modern Day Tower of Babel (Space Program) 

* FAMINE ? Severe ? Much of the Orient 

* EARTHQUAKE OF GREAT MAGNITUDE ? Several Quakes Will Rock California?s Coast 

* PROPHECY AND TEENAGERS ? Music Will Lead To Rebellion and Sex Violations 

* FLYING SAUCERS ? Angels of Light ? Evil Spirits 

* GOD?S NEXT MOVE ? Create Outside Parts to Human Body 

* WORLD LEADERS ? Pope and World Leaders Working Out a Plan for Jews ? Unite Protestant Churches with Roman Catholic Churches

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Prophetic Scroll #010

 * Highlights *

* PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY ? The Lord shows several men were involved in the assassination.? Oswald is not entirely to blame.

* RUSSIA, ROME, U.S.A. ? A Russian leader and the communist party will make an agreement to give their armies and power to a religious dictator (pope) for a place under and with him for world rule.? America will join too, deceived by false doctrine, peace, deadened by sin.

* SATAN?S NEXT MOVE ? Lukewarm Protestants will come together and join the Catholic spirit as one as church and state unite.

* REVIVAL OF RAPTURING FAITH ? The Lord Jesus will incarnate Himself in His people (Bride) ? They will speak only His Word to create, raise the dead and control the elements.

* The scrolls are written as a warning ? beware of church merging.? God?s last move to the Bride will be outside this confederation of churches.

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #011a

* Highlights *

* MORE ON U.S.A. PRESIDENCY ? To look at him one would not know how deceivable he will be.? The Bride raptures before he completely becomes a dictator.? He goes into office from the backing of the Catholic Church and apostate Protestants.

* GREAT EARTHQUAKES, EXTREME WEATHER, AND ATOMIC DESTRUCTION ? The Lord shows me the earth axis is changing by his command.? As earthquakes increase all over the world, California will receive many severe quakes.

* THE DEADLY WOUND HEALED ? The Bible teaches the beast who was, is not and yet is.? Revelation 17:8 I feel I can describe this in the spirit, as several woundings have taken place.

* THE SUMMONS TO THE MARRIAGE SUPPER ? THE THIRD AND LAST CALL ? It is the sounding of the Gospel trumpet to gather God?s Children.? Now is harvesting time and he will begin to summon all the Bride by name, and call them into a spiritual body soon for the last quick short revival.

* THE GREAT PYRAMID DATES ? Some dates that have been hidden for thousands of years, have been discovered in the Great Pyramid, concerning the end.? The Christian Dr. Davidson and I, are sure the Great Pyramid was built by divine providence.

* FORESEEN ? RISE OF MOVIE STARS AND POLITICAL WOMEN ? Women and Movie Stars will now enter politics at a fast rate, and rise to many outstanding and key positions.? Some will be able sway certain bills and decisions, coming from the wrong element, and lead in the wrong direction from a social, foreign and religious standpoint.

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Prophetic Scroll #011b

* Highlights *

* TROUBLE FOR THE FBI ? In Florida ? Castro refugee spies sent to watch progress of space program.? Most of this has been and will be suppressed from the public. 

* THE DEVIL?S GREATEST HOAX ? The Lord shows me to trap many Pentecostals, satan devised a clever snare during this Revival.? During the outpouring many Catholics and Nominals came over among the wheat (true believer) and some received the Holy Ghost, but others received nothing and are a counterfeit.? Satan has to become just like the real thing in order to deceive the foolish.

* THE APPEARANCE OF THE FALLEN ANGEL WITH CATHOLICISM ? It will happen soon!? It will spread as the most popular religion of the world.? Its growth will now take on unbelievable proportions.


* GREAT REVIVAL IN THE WEST ? I was shown from the Lord somewhere in the West, a great moving of His Spirit will take place.? People will travel from all over the country into this place.? Miracles of Creations will take place, the dead will be raised in certain cases.? At this time everyone that approaches will be healed, that he has drawn by His Spirit.

* THE PILLAR OF FIRE AND THE BRIDE ? Now the Pillar of Fire that Moses saw will settle completely on the elect at harvest time for a separation to reveal His fullness and the closeness of His coming.? When the Word (Jesus) and the Bride becomes one (united together)? Then the Bride is headed for a spiritual climax!

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #012

 * Highlights * 

* TWO NEW RUSSIAN INVENTIONS ? (Orbital) ? It can release atomic bombs from outer space.? Also they have a new satellite weapon that can paralyze our defense, and knock out electrical power.

* THE PROPHETIC VISION ? I see powerful Rome and apostate churches bear pressure on the government to do her bidding and request as they control much wealth of the nation.

* THE SUPREME COURT ? The Spirit shows me the Court will pass laws that look good, but will change our society as we know it.? As apostate Religion and Communism will make known their will through the Supreme Court.

* THE PROMOTION OF CIVIL WAR ? (Black power riots, Teenage sin and lawlessness) is what apostate religion and Communism has waited for.

* SODOMITE HIPPIES, LSD AND THE BIRTH OF MONSTERS ? Young teenagers under the influence of modern drugs will produce babies which will be deformed monsters.? With grotesque and appearance of hideous nature.? Thus saith the Lord, their sins have reached the highest heaven.

* THE ANIMAL KINGDOM ? The wild beast of the earth will begin to migrate and change their natural habitation, they know by instinct that great earthquakes and atomic destruction plus climatic changes are coming.? God will lead many to a place of refuge.

* THE PROPHET AND 7 THUNDERS REVELATION 10 ? The Lord is showing us something in Revelation using 7 at every important point.? 7 means perfection and fulfillment.? 7 Angels,? 7 churches, 7 thunders, 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 stars, 7 plagues, etc.

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Prophetic Scroll #013

* Highlights *

* FUTURE INSIGHT ? New era of violence, in all history.? Unusual wave of crime will be seen.? The murder of unborn infants will increase 50 percent as they want all their time for pleasure and social affairs.

* RUSSIA PLOTTING ? to keep pressure on the U.S.A. ? I am shown she is planning new wars for later.? RUSSIA WILL STARTLE THE U.S.A. with new inventions and scientific achievements.

* THE SUPREME GOD OF THE UNIVERSE TO INTERVENE in such a way through mighty signs in the Universe and weather conditions that anyone will be able to see that the Lord is trying to get the peoples attention.? But because of man?s desire for pleasure he will not turn!

* A CHANGE OF? TIMES FOR EVERYONE ? God draws His Elect closer to Him with the Scrolls, and Spirit, as false religions and mystics through satan pulls the foolish and lukewarm closer to the antichrist system.

* SATAN?S LAST THREE STEPS ? I am shown all hidden apostate region, communism, and socialism will start their final three steps for dictator ?PEACE? take over.? The next few years ahead will be America?s last freedom as we know it today.

* SPECTACULAR EVENTS ? DRASTIC CHANGES FOR NATION AND CALIF. -? Costly disaster will come to nation and California.? Upheavals, also weather-wise and some of the most tragic occurrences, and some terrible calamities!? The weather will leave terrifying shock waves and catastrophic storms.

* GREAT SUPERNATURAL LIGHTS TO APPEAR IN THE NATION ? Great lights will appear on the east and west coasts, but it will not be (satan?s saucers this time)? But angels from God warning of the impending terrible judgments of world holocaust that shall visit the nations.

* THE LORD SPEAKS BOLDLY ? People will become like animals now (For I will give him up and men and women will be lead by evil spirits into diverse lust!)? (Homosexualism and lesbians)? The people will so pervert their nature by indulging in weird practices that there will be no remedy but destruction.

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #014

* Highlights *


* WILLIAM BRANHAM (Star Prophet) ? Every great man of God said, ?his Ministry brought forth a spiritual deluge of power!?? It brought the greatest change in the spiritual world since the days of Christ.

* JOHN F. KENNEDY ? Came in the exact time that our nation would change.

* ABRAHAM LINCOLN ? taught a nation how to fast and pray, and settle its problems with love.? God raised up a praying president!? Our nation was saved from disaster.? He came at the certain time appointed.

* LINCOLN AND KENNEDY ? Why did history repeat?? God?s hand is intervening in man?s affairs, as a warning time is up.

* A WITNESS ? God gave me many prophecies of which several on the scrolls are so close to Brother Branham?s Visions you are about to read that we thought it of utmost importance to print them here!? The Bible says he takes away the first that the second can be established.? It says the matter shall be established in the mouth of two witnesses.

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #015

* Highlights *

* THE GREAT CHALLENGE ? SATAN GOES FORTH TO DESTROY A MESSAGE ? Read the scrolls carefully and see as I went in the heat of the spirit, through these trials, that absolutely happened, for many strange and mysterious things confronted the Ministry.


* THE MIGHTY ARCH ANGEL INTERVENES ? God had a message to impart to me and the devil knew it.? But Michael, one of the chief angels was sent to clear the way for the prophetic message to come to the Elected people.

* THE RAINBOW AND THE SHEEP ? The rainbow represents the promise of the rapture and revelation of God that is upon the sheep.? The sheep in the Bible always represents the Christian elect of God.


Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #016

* Highlights *


* GENESIS AND TO THE MOON ? The Bible said man would exalt himself in the heavens.? Receiving an air of ?sophistication!?? Thereby bringing man to an exalted position on the moon.

* FORESEEN THE FALL OF GREAT BRITAIN ? Into the rising of a dictatorship.

* THE SHAPING OF THINGS TO COME ? A new trend will be forming and a new policy begins in the U.S.A. for Religion and Politics.? The Republicans and Democrats will have to take drastic measures because of riots and lawlessness!

* IN THE U.S.A. HEADED FOR DICTATORSHIP AND SOMEWHAT ECONOMIC CRISIS ? The U.S.A. will have economical money problems.? Probably a renewal of the gold crisis.

* A WORLD MAJOR TRADE BOOM ? After England and U.S.A. economy set back a major world trade boom should start in agreement with Russia.? As the world goes into its most immoral stages of sin, wickedness, corruption and debauchery and towards the end nakedness will appear more than in all history.

* THE DRESS PATTERN AND THE SOPHISTICATION ERA APPROACHING ? People will begin to wear jewels, gold, precious rubies and stones, coupled with sparkling diamonds and fur coats!? We shall see this soon!

* BILLY GRAHAM AND ORAL ROBERTS ? will be at the crossroads to join the world system directly or indirectly.? Pray for them they have a job to do. 

* THE STRANGE CYCLE AND WEATHER PATTERN ? forming for Florida and the U.S.A.? Watch for record breaking winters as I see the Lord sending harsh and terrible weather, and catastrophic storms.? With the distortion of the weather pattern it will bring ?sickness and virus?.

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #017

* Highlights *

* BEHOLD HOW THE MIGHTY ARE FALLEN ? Great changes in World Leadership will come along with amazing changes in World Government.

* A PROPHETIC LOOK AT THE ORIENT ? THE GREAT EPIDEMIC ? Mass diseases will spread through the Orient and many nations.? The possibility of death will no doubt be on mass scale.

* THE POLITICAL SCENE FORECAST ? A great change, gigantic in scope, will begin to cover the earth.? A tremendous sweeping one is coming as the world prepares itself for the introduction of anti-christ system!

* WATCH!? A STRIKING PROPHECY OF THINGS TO COME ? The Lord reveals to me Satan will begin some of the most aggressive and hideous crimes concerning murder and sex perversions the nation has ever known.? It will be called the crimes of the century.

* A STRIKING LOOK AT THE Stars!? Planets!? Moon!? Sun!? Galaxy!? and Constellations!? What is their duty in God?s magnetic Universe?? Do they control aspects of life on earth, and how much?

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #018

* Highlights

Yea, the Spirit of the Almighty has spoken and the Hand of God hath written this scroll to his people, who are called by his name (Amen!) Lord Jesus!

* GENESIS 2:1? THUS THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH WERE FINISHED ? Which came first the seed or the complete tree?


* GENESIS 4:15 ? THE MARK OF CAIN AND OUT FROM THE PRESENCE OF GOD, the Beast, False Prophet and anti-christ.? Revelation 13:1-13

* THE REVIVAL AMONG THE ELECT ? While this system in the nation is preparing for dictatorship under cover, God is preparing a great Revival among His Elect, which some are in almost every church.

* THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM ? shall soon fold together as one Power.? First they will be divided but will come together again according to what I was shown.

Our price: $1.00
Prophetic Scroll #019

* Highlights *

* WORLD ASSASINATIONS ? I am shown they will increase more and more.? I feel the Lord is giving several men their last chance to repent!


* THUS SAITH THE LORD.? COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE FOR THE LAST TIME.? BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS!? (Babylon ? Revelation 18:1-4).? I definitely foresee a large body of false churches that will speak through the state courts and say they are the real body of Christ and all churches outside their system are heretics and fanatics.


* THE ANGELS ? THE DAUGHTERS OF MEN AND THE SONS OF GOD ? ?The Secret? ? Genesis 6:2 and 4.? A significant event happened just before the flood.? In the very midst of a Godless civilization, a remarkable startling scene took place!

Our price: $1.00