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Prophetic Scroll #249

Prophetic Scroll #249

Prophetic Scroll #249

* Highlights *

* The Snare ? after some international crisis the world will be one unit connected by satellite and cellular phones

* Mass Delusion ? people will become more involved with magic, special effects, fantasy, illusion and phantasm ? they will commit mass suicide led by a world dictator through lying signs and wonders at Armageddon

* The Comet Of Influence And Prophecy ? spectacular comet Hale-Bopp is said to be the most outstanding in all history ? a significant sign

* Alarming dilemma ? we are faced with a moral crisis ? a law has been passed that prevents men from being prosecuted for statutory rape if they have sex with 12-year-old girls

* Unusual Occurrences ? prophetic omens ? to the Indians every 500 years a white buffalo is born

* Outlook For The Ministries ? evangelical and fundamental ministries will fall away into the Mystery Babylon systems

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