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Prophetic Scroll #301

Prophetic Scroll #301

Prophetic Scroll #301

* Highlights *

* Important Numbers ? all through the Bible God uses important numbers to match the Scriptures ? the numbers 9-11 have great futuristic vital significance

* Out of the bottomless pit will come the worst demon powers ever seen by mankind

* We have entered the digital age of electronic madness - God is love, but now His hand of judgment will begin full force

* Immorality ? World Falling Apart ? we are in a nymphomania, Bohemian age ? perversion is unbelievable ? society is entering a dark lurid trap

* The Lord showed me the roots (youth) drying up and said this last generation is finishing up ? the Millennium is not far off ? the world shall suffer many things ? but I, the Lord God, am now quickly preparing to take mine out

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